A distinctive characteristic of the construct of carousel-type machines is the rotary type of organization of the transport system. The finished container is fed into the slots located on the rotary table, that is, the carousel. Depending on the required performance, the carousel can be supplemented with rows of slots.

The main advantage of this type of equipment is its compactness. In terms of functionality, the machine can be equipped with additional units that allow you to fully automate the process and save time for the production of goods.

Carousel-type packing equipment packs the product into such types of containers as: plastic cups, plastic buckets, plastic containers of standard type and two-section, glass containers, as well as laminated packaging. For each type of packaging, a corresponding container capping unit is installed: sealing with foil, capping with a pop-up lid, capping with a bucket lid, capping with a twist-off lid.

This type of equipment can be used for packaging a wide range of products, for example: sour cream, grained and crumbly cottage cheese, yoghurts (including two-component), processed and curd cheeses, mayonnaise and sauces in plastic buckets, breakfast cereals, dry soups, salads, caviar , caviar oil, fish preserves, ice cream, jams, honey, snacks, chips, crackers and nuts in plastic containers.