The automated machine is used for packing cottage cheese into plastic cups and containers of different forms, with die-cut sealing made of Walkilid or foil, and capping with a plastic cap. When packing this product, it is important to keep individual curds, precise measuring and the productivity of the packaging machine.


  • Productivity (with product) up to 1300 doses/p/h
  • Rotary drive pneumatic
  • Overall dimensions (without a conveyor) 1040x1000x1800 mm
  • Weight 380 kg
  • Voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption less than 1,2 kW
  • Pressure 0,6 MPa
  • An additional applicator for packing two products into one cup
  • Interchangeable set
  • The capping station
  • More uniform curd for less shattering
  • High measuring quality
  • High productivity
  • High quality of die-cut sealing (a spiral pipe heating element)
  • Vacuum-balancer (against buckling)
  • A quick switch to a different type, size, and form