Machine-building plant «PROFITEX», located on 4000 m2, is a modern design bureau, machining, electronic adjustment and assembly, service, marketing department. Over 70% of the staff with higher education are specialists with their own scientific and technical developments and achievements.

The company’s success lies in the fact that each order, starting from receipt, is tracked throughout the entire production cycle: development of design documentation, manufacturing of parts, procurement of components and assembly of equipment. The reliability of the equipment produced by us is laid, first of all, in the workshop of CNC machines. We can guarantee that parts are produced with great speed and accuracy. ADNK machines are equipped with Italian pneumatics and Japanese electrical equipment.

After the equipment has passed all stages of production, it is transferred to the service area, where it goes through the stages associated with running in and testing the equipment. During testing of a new machine, an electronic engineer programs the device for the technical requests of the owner of the machine.

LLC TD «PROFITEX» provides warranty, post-warranty and service maintenance of the supplied equipment. The service is carried out by highly qualified specialists, and on the territory of Russia there are 27 service centers equipped with everything necessary for the implementation of warranty service. Our service teams visit customers within two hours. We have a large fleet of our own. Cars are equipped with a mini warehouse with pneumatic and electrical equipment.

The company has a warehouse from which you can quickly pick up the most demanded items of packaging equipment.

Waterjet cutting machines

Due to the variety of metalworking machines, PROFITEX produces high quality parts and structures in any configuration.
A three-axis machine with numerical software allows you to cut various sheet material.
A five-axis installation with numerical software allows you to get a workpiece at the exit that does not require additional metalworking.


Laser system for cutting metal

• A laser machine with a power 1 kW allows you to cut sheet thickness up to 3 mm, providing precise execution for subsequent bending and welding work. This unit is equipped with a nitrogen purge system to obtain a clean cut line.

• A laser machine with a power of 6 kW allows cutting a sheet of metal with a thickness of 1 mm to 25 mm.

• Laser system for high-precision cutting of round and square pipes, as well as required holes in pipes.


CNC machining centers

CNC machining centers for high-precision parts manufacturing.

CNC turning center.
CNC turning centers are machine-type devices with a numerical control system for high-quality turning of workpieces with various shapes using cutters.

CNC milling center.
CNC milling centers are machine-type devices with a numerical control system for finishing workpieces using milling cutters. Installations can carry out the following manipulations: drilling, excavation of grooves and channels, production of volumetric parts.

The plant’s arsenal includes centers for processing small and medium-sized parts, as well as installations for processing large-sized parts.


Welding area

The welding section of the plant is equipped with welding tables of the German company «Ziegmund».
The tables have a special coating, the mobility of the structure allows you to arbitrarily fix parts for welding with high accuracy and easily reconfigure the tooling system. Due to its modularity, welding tables can be used to perform a full cycle of work — from layout to welding and assembly.

Welding works are carried out by argon-arc welding with a water cooling system, which allows not interrupting the production process. Due to the supply of inert gas to the welding zone, a thin and strong seam without voids is obtained, due to the displacement of oxygen and other gas mixtures.


Bending section

The plant’s arsenal uses two bending presses with a force of 80 tons.
The machines are equipped with a numerical control system.
The advantage of these models is their versatility, which increases productivity.


PU Dispensing Machine

The factory uses a numerical control machine to apply the polyurethane gasket.

The sealing equipment is an efficient polyurethane foam dispensing system designed to apply a sealing barrier sealing tape, which during operation prevents the ingress of dust and moisture, prevents corrosion, and reduces vibration.
In the manufacture of electrical control cabinets, at the request of the customer, polyurethane is applied to the doors or other parts with various configurations of the product for sealing.


Assembly area

Manufactured parts go to the Assembly area. The equipment is assembled, makes the final adjustment of units, installation of electrical and pneumatic components.


Service area

At the service area, the first start-up of the assembled equipment, adjustment and testing using the customer’s packaging is carried out.
After running-in, the equipment is sent to the customer. The Service is launched at the client’s enterprise and carries out its further warranty service.