Do you want customers to prefer your product over the variety of other supplies on the market? If your answer is Yes, then the machine-building plant PROFITEX will help you achieve this!
The machine-building plant PROFITEX is one of the leading manufacturers of packaging and labelling machines for the food and other industries. The history of our achievements is a classic example of foundation and development that owe much to the right choices we made in the very beginning. Our formula of success is working for individual customer needs – the product and its packaging. Thus, our customers can get not only high-quality packing machines, but the packaging designed specially for their product. The plant offers a full range of services: from project creation to delivering the machines right to the client. We also support our customers all the way, including the after-sales services.
During fourteen years of its development, PROFITEX managed to not only widen the range of produced packaging machines, but also to design and introduce labelling machines, automated filling lines, a device for sealing foil and polyethylene, conveying systems, accumulation tables, and multi-packers. We are especially proud of our laser marker designed for the quick and efficient application of any information on different types of packaging.
Thanks to the continuous participation in domestic and national exhibitions, seminars, and conferences we keep moving towards the latest achievements and tendencies on the market. Since its foundation, PROFITEX has participated in more than 150 seminars, exhibitions and International Forums, has been many times rewarded with diplomas, medals and Grand Prix. “The V Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments” awarded our plant with a bronze medal and a diploma of “The International Institute of the European Community on Promoting Commercial Manufactures” for the development and implementation of the laser marker. At the Tech Salon 2006 “The Technology of the Third Century”
PROFITEX won a Grand Prix for high-performance in industrial product labelling. Our packaging machinery was honored with “The 100 Best Products in Russia” award. Our ADNK 39M machine was also granted with the Gold medal for an innovative and precise packaging of curds cheese.
Our machines is used by more than a thousand companies in Russia, neighboring countries and beyond. We have clients in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia, Greece, Hungary, Canada, and others. Currently we have more than 100 employees, mainly university graduates involved in scientific and technical research.
We are interested in your success!