The station is used for packing liquid and paste-like products with pieces of vegetables into glass bottles from 100 up to 1500 ml, with rolled tape sealing, and screw top capping twist-off. The machine can also be made for packing in ceramic pots or other non-standard packaging.

Линия розлива

  • Productivity up to 3000 doses/p/h
  • Weight 460 kg
  • Overall dimensions 900х850х1900 mm
  • Voltage 220V, 50 HZ
  • Power consumption less than 1,2 kW
  • Pressure 0,6 MPa
  • Compressed air consumption 250-300 l/min
  • Тоннель для бактерицидной обработки
  • Ограждение
  • Сменный комплект
  • Транспортер
  • Reliability
  • Ease of operation
  • High quality of die-cut sealing (a spiral pipe heating element)
  • A quick switch to a different type, size, and form