The device is located inside the dairy filling machine.
The sterilization of the atmosphere inside the filling machine occurs due to catalytic disinfection and complete oxidation of all microorganisms (mold, viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.) contained in the air.
Air is pumped (filtered) through a photocatalytic element, on the surface of which, under the influence of UV radiation that is safe for humans, all microorganisms are neutralized and oxidized on a photocatalyst to gaseous CO2 and H2O.
The patented photocatalytic filter element consists of chemically inert and harmless materials — sintered silica glass and titanium dioxide.
A set of high luminous power UV LEDs are used as a radiation source. The UV source does not contain mercury and is absolutely safe; it does not generate ozone during its operation. The service life of the UV LED source is 5-10 times longer than that of conventional mercury UV lamps, high power LEDs provide a high power and density luminous flux.
The productivity of the disinfecting recirculation device is 1-2 cubic meters / m of clean air per minute.
Mains voltage 220 V, power consumption — no more than 100 W (depends on the total fan power
and LEDs).



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