On the line, liquid — pasty products are bottled, in particular, the line packs syrup. Containers are fed to the line from a rotating storage table.
The complex is built on the basis of a carousel line, on which a step-by-step supply of containers is carried out by a carousel, product dosing with volumetric batchers, a feeder / orientator of the lid and screw caps.
After the line, there is a labeler for gluing a self-adhesive label with a temperature sensor, and a group packaging unit that allows you to form a group of cans, wrap them with foil and send them for heat shrinkage into a shrink tunnel.
  1. Rotating storage table for bottle feeding
  2. Filling line «ADNK 39 LR» with automatic feeding and lid sealing
  3. Conveyor system for feeding and removing bottles
  4. Labeling machine for sticking a self-adhesive label on a bottle
  5. Rotating storage table for finished products
  6. Shrink wrapper with thermotonelle