The semi-automated local station is used for washing pipe-lines (up to 30 meters), not big containers (up to 1-1,5 square meters), and measuring stations of the packaging equipment that are capable of connecting to the CIP station. The list of equipment depends on customer requirements. The following equipment contains:

  •  Water container
  • Alkaline solution container
  • Acid solution container
  • The splitter station for solutions
  • A control box

It is also possible to install a container for the disinfection solution. The containers are filled by the machine man. He also makes the alkaline and acid solutions according to the recommendations provided by the company’s technologists.

After the machine man prepares the station and presses Start, the station waits for the receipt signal from the object being washed. As soon as the signal is received, the station switches on its feeding and splitting pumps. Water and solutions’ withdrawal and return are carried out automatically, with the help of the splitter stations, and can be programmed by the machine man in accordance to the recommendations provided by the company’s technologist.