Filling in 5 liter PET containers.

Automatic sealing with plastic screw plugs.

At the request of the customer, the line can be completed with an automatic applicator and a laser marker. Individual development of lines for the product and packaging of the customer is possible.

  • Productivity up to 1500 bottles / hour
  • Dosing methods —
    -by level
  • Supply voltage 220 V 50 Hz
  • Power consumption not more than 2.5 kW
  • Pressure 0.6 MPa
  • Compressed air consumption no more than 250-300 l / min
  • Air preparation unit with cleaning filter
  • Container feeding unit
  • Cup presence control sensor
  • Automatic dispenser
  • Unit for feeding plate from a stack to a glass (magazine)
  • Plate presence control sensor
  • Sealing unit for plate
  • Date marker
  • Node for feeding and capping the cover-cap from a stack to a glass
  • Cup delivery unit
  • Control unit (touch screen)
  • Controller (Omron, Japan)
  • Drive — servo drive
  • High productivity
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