Line for filling liquid fertilizers into canisters up to 10 liters with weighing dosing for foaming products with feeding and sealing caps.

The complex includes:

  • Infeed conveyor up to 4 m
  • System for pushing canisters from the feeding conveyor to the weighing platforms of the filling unit.
  • Filling unit with 3 lowering filling heads and 3 weighing platforms. The filling unit is completed with a capacity of 150 liters with the possibility of creating an overpressure of 2-3 bar.
  • Conveyor system for feeding canisters from the filling unit to the lid screwing unit
  • Automatic lid screwing unit with lid feeder.
  • Pushing unit from the conveyor system to the outfeed conveyor, standing at an angle of 90 degrees (to fit into the allotted space of the production room)
  • Outfeed conveyor 4 m
  • Air knife to blow off condensation drops before labeling (for «cold» products).
  • Paper backed labeling machine
  • Productivity 250 doses / hour
  • Dosing method by weight
  • Dose error +/- 2%