The laser is used to quickly and effectively put infor-mation (date, logo, pictures, bar-code, etc.) on different types of packaging. The laser can be used on various types of production: distillery enterprises put required information on a label, glass, or a cap; dairy producers mark Pure Pak, and cheese; food industries put a date on Tetra Pak, PET bottles and on other types of packaging; cable and pipe manufacturers insert their data on wire, cables, and pipes. The laser labeler is also useful for la-belling tobacco, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other in-dustries with high standards on environmental cleanness and ecological compatibility. The laser labeler can put in-formation under different production conditions: on high-speed conveyors or on static objects.


High labeling speed
Economy (does not require accessories and supplies)
Non-erasable labels (counterfeit protection)
The possibility to put different types of information
Ease and effectiveness of operation
Small size
Steel body
The possibility to put labels on various types of materials