The automated machine is used for filling and vacuum packaging of liquid, viscous, and paste-like products from 0,25 ml up to 1 liter into PURE-PACK carton bags, type А и B.
The assortment includes: milk, cream, kefir, fermented backed milk (ryazhenka), sour cream, yoghurts with pieces of fruits, juices, and wine.

Линия для фасовки в пюр пак

  • Kinematic capacity      up to 3000 bags per hour
  • Voltage            380/ 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Electric line and block system voltage    24 V
  • Total capacity            up to 26 kW
  • Air pressure            0,6-0,8 MPa
  • Compressed air consumption    less than 900 l/min
  • Overall dimensions        3200x2700x1 200 mm
  • The ultrasonic applicator for sealing
  • Thermodater
  • Connection to the СIР-cleaner
  • The CLEAN cleaning system
  • The local cleaning station