The filling complex performs a full cycle of filling into a tin bottle. The container for filling is fed to the storage table with a twisted lid, the conveyor feeds the container to the unwinding unit, in which the lid and bottle are separated and sent along conveyors for further operations. After rinsing, the bottle moves to a linear filling unit with 4 dispensers for filling, after rinsing, the lid moves to the cap screwing unit on the bottle. The sealed container with the product passes through the labeling complex for applying self-adhesive labels and is fed to the storage table for subsequent packaging.

The complex includes:

  • Cover spinner carousel.
  • Container rinsing unit inside
  • Linear product filling unit
  • Labeller
  • Lid rinsing unit inside
  • Productivity 1500 doses / hour
  • Voltage 220/50 / 380 V / Hz
  • Compressed air consumption 2000 l / min
  • Pressure 0.6 MPa
  • Volumetric dosing method
  • Dose error +/- 2%
Жестяная бутылка