The automated vacuum sealing station for containers is used for automated sealing of plastic containers with food. For sealing, we use roll-blanked laminated polymer tape (with barrier quality). Tape can be clear or with a print. The gas injection option allows to fill the container with neutral gas after vacuuming. Thus, it is possible to prolong the expiration date, keeping the product editable without losing its quality and tastiness. For this purpose, we use special containers with high-barrier quality for maintaining the inner conditions. The modified gas conditions are used for storing curds, garnished meat and fish meals, semi-finished products, salads, appetizers, cooking, pastry, bread and flour products, etc.
The ease of operation and the high quality of packaging make this automated machine an irreplaceable part of large and medium food industry production. The automated vacuum sealing station is made according to customer requirements – product and packaging. The station can be coupled with other equipment and various extra options – the automated machine for packing curds, the accumulation table, the labeler for stamping self-adhesive labels, and others.

Productivity (four-row) up to 1200 pieces/p/h
Productivity (two-row) up to 600 pieces/p/h
Vacuum pump productivity 63 m/min
Pump power input 1,5 kW
Weight 480 kg
Voltage 380V, 50 Hz
Power consumption less than 5 kW
Pressure 0,6 MPa
Compressed air consumption 700-800 l/min

The feeding and capping station
The accumulation table 120 mm (rotary)