The machine is used for packing desserts into waffle cones. A dessert is a multi-component product, and thus the machine is always designed according to individual parameters. The machine first covers the waffle inside with chocolate, then it packs curds with pieces of fruits, and covers it with chocolate glaze.


Productivity (with product):
• Pneumatic drive     — up to 1500 doses/p/h
• Electromechanical drive     — up to 1800 doses/p/h
• Servounit         — up to 2000 doses/p/h
Overall dimensions          950x950x1800 mm
Weight            330 kg        Voltage            220V, 50 Hz
Power consumption        less than 3 kW
Pressure            0,6 MPa
Compressed air consumption     250-300 l/min

Ease of operation