The station is used for weight measuring of liquid and paste-like products in handled buckets of 0,5 to 30 liters, with self-feeding and capping. After the product is packed, the production can be completed with automatic sealing of buckets with rolled tape. The sealing is followed by die-cutting for tear strip. Labelers mark packed products with self-adhesive labels by stamping them on the bucket or its cap. Labelers can be equipped with a thermodater for putting the date, or with a laser marker. The station can be also equipped with an accumulation table for feeding empty buckets and accumulating ready products. Stations are made in accordance with customer requirements.

  • The capacity of the station is up to 1 000 buckets per hour.
  • Pneumatic equipment Camozzi
  • Electric equipment Omron

1.    Weighting controller
2.    Tape sealing station
3.    Cap feeding station
4.    Capping station
5.    The labeler for stamping self-adhesive stickers
on the bucket or its cap
6.    The Thermodater for putting the date
on the label or a laser marker
7.    Universal conveyor 6 m.
8.    Accumulation table